Professional Development

18 - Contamination and exclusion II
Exclusion is a higher level dysfunction and appears when contamination occurs to such a degree that it comes to exclude the third element, that is to say, exclusion occurs when one of the ego states dominates a person's behavior, including the Adult, excluding the others in such a way that they are blocked out. It is apparent in a stereotyped attitude that is maintained in exclusive as long as possible in the face of any threatening situation. For example, in the case of someone who does not know how to play, we would be speaking of an Adult contaminated by the Parent with the Child blocked. In case B we would talk of a person without a conscience, that is to say, an Adult contaminated by the Child with the Parent blocked.Finally, in case C it would be the dismissed Adult, that is to say, Parent and Child hold the reins and what is blocked is the Adult. Such examples are seen in extreme, almost pathological, situations. When we speak of a person who does not know how to play and give an example of a man obsessed by his work or a person without a conscience. When we consider the example of a delinquent - or for the dismissed Adult we give an example of a psychopath - we understand how high the level of exclusion is.