Professional Development

13 - Physician's special needs
So, as a physician you need CME for various reasons, but you also have other very special needs as learners and are faced with several challenges. You work in a unique learning environment where you are continually hearing about new developments such as tests or treatments, and where you are constantly faced with problems or questions. You actively need and seek out information to address and solve issues that arise in your daily practice, as well as information on developments in your field. Often, you need very specific information, at specific times and very quickly, but, because of lack of time, not knowing where to find the information or not having immediate access to it, you unfortunately may not look for or find all the information you need. Time constraints combined with the proliferation of medical information available creates a situation of "information overload." The so-called “information age” has added to this problem, but it has also provided several tools, such as the Internet, that enable physicians to find what they need, when they need it. It is important that you understand your needs and how you learn in order to help you find the CME activities that best suit you, that are more effective, and that will most benefit you and your patients.