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23 May 2011
Obesity in children associated with atopic dermatitis
20 May 2011
Frequencies of BRAF and NRAS mutations are different in histological types and sites of origin of cutaneous melanoma
19 May 2011
Validation and refinement of the millennium criteria for atopic dermatitis
18 May 2011
Psoriasis associated with cardiovascular risk factors and outcome
17 May 2011
Clinical features of late versus early onset acne in women
16 May 2011
Skin manifestations prevalent in pediatric primary immunodeficiency
13 May 2011
Psoriasis associated with risk of certain cancers
12 May 2011
Tacrolimus ointment augments narrow-band UVB therapy for vitiligo
11 May 2011
Safety of treatment with biologics for psoriasis in daily practice: 5-year data
10 May 2011
Pediatric psoriasis: a retrospective analysis
09 May 2011
Skin disorders in psychiatric illness coincide with diabetes or infection
06 May 2011
Patient-oriented SCORAD: a new self-assessment scale in atopic dermatitis validated in Europe
05 May 2011
Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus and antibiotic resistance in pediatric atopic dermatitis
04 May 2011
Evidence-based recommendations on conventional systemic treatments for psoriasis
03 May 2011
Lichen planus associated with hepatitis C but not hepatitis B infection
02 May 2011
A 5-year survey of dermatomycoses in southwest Poland
29 April 2011
Circulating microRNA-221 levels in patients with malignant melanoma: a possible new tumor marker
28 April 2011
Population-based cohort study of the safety of topical corticosteroids in pregnancy
27 April 2011
Increases in melanoma incidence in adolescent girls and young women in California
26 April 2011
Poor quality of life in patients with cutaneous lupus erythematosus