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29 April 2011
Circulating microRNA-221 levels in patients with malignant melanoma: a possible new tumor marker
28 April 2011
Population-based cohort study of the safety of topical corticosteroids in pregnancy
27 April 2011
Increases in melanoma incidence in adolescent girls and young women in California
26 April 2011
Poor quality of life in patients with cutaneous lupus erythematosus
25 April 2011
Family history and autoimmunity more common in nonsegmental than segmental vitiligo
21 April 2011
Skin pain and discomfort is linked to quality of life in patients with psoriasis
20 April 2011
Analysis of the COL29A1 gene does not support its role in eczema
20 April 2011
Munich International Summer Academy of Practical Dermatology (ISA 2011) to Be Held in July
19 April 2011
Psoriasis linked to risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
18 April 2011
High prevalence of malignant melanoma in Israeli patients with Parkinson’s disease
15 April 2011
Allergic conditions may protect against glioma: a meta-analysis
14 April 2011
Minocycline, roxithromycin and faropenem show similar results in acne vulgaris
13 April 2011
The PRO2268 gene as a new susceptibility locus for vitiligo
12 April 2011
Elevated IL-18 levels in the dermal horny layer in atopic dermatitis patients
11 April 2011
Systemic inflammation in psoriasis associated with increased arterial stiffness
08 April 2011
Exposure to tobacco smoke increases risk of adult onset atopic dermatitis
07 April 2011
High prevalence and risk factors for thromboembolism in patients with stage IV melanoma
06 April 2011
Maternal exposure to fatty acids in pregnancy may decrease risk of childhood eczema
05 April 2011
Serum IL-31 is a potential marker of disease severity in pediatric atopic dermatitis
04 April 2011
Topical corticosteroids are not linked to risk of glaucoma and cataracts in patients with atopic dermatitis