Professional Development

Unexpected visits
Should you be faced with untimely visits, use the help of a "gatekeeper", who will do all the screening for you. If you do not have a "gatekeeper", adopt the technique we mentioned before: be assertive. There are many ways to say "no": "I'm sorry, but I can't now", "I'm tied up now, but Ill see you as soon as I'm free", etc. If your desk faces a place of heavy human traffic, keep your door closed or say "no" to the person that requests a minute of your time. Say it amicably, although sincerely and assertively. To abbreviate an unavoidable visit, you should go to the person's office. If the person's office is in the same building, you had better go in order to be in control of time. If it is far, let the visitor come to your office. If you do not sit down, the conversation will be short. Do not start talking about other subjects, and also do not let the visitor do so; focus on what is essential. If your visitor runs into other subjects, go back to the basics. Learn to be forthright with people and, if necessary, simply say you will not be able to see them at that moment.