Professional Development

Personal behavior
Personal behavior is another important time stealer. One of the key elements of personal behavior is our habit of "leaving tasks for later". Examine this behavior: why, after all, do you act like this? What do you dislike? Can you overcome it? How can you overcome it? Deal promptly with important activities, especially if you find them unpleasant. Keep in mind that unpleasant matters are better handled when you are relaxed, and that pleasant matters should be dealt with when you are tired. Make your decisions as soon as you have reasonable information, do not make embarrassing mistakes or try to be perfect. You have a certain amount of time to handle each task: more time will not make you accomplish it better and less time will most probably make you need to repeat it. Be punctual and require punctuality of others. The best way to make others be punctual is to be so yourself; if you set the example, you have the authority to request the same attitude of others.