Professional Development

Waits and delays
There is always the possibility of having to deal with time stealers, such as waits, delays and dead time, whether you are on a trip or engaged in any other activity. The only thing you can do is foresee and prepare as best you can for these occasions, by defining optional activities to make good use of such times. For example, you can enjoy wait time by regarding it as an unexpected gift. It is a matter of attitude, that is, your reaction to a delay may be "Shucks!", "How unfortunate!", you may get bored and upset; but you can also say "Great! This unexpected free time came in handy!", and do something: work on pending issues, read what you had not had time to read, write or make notes, prepare yourself better for the meetings, or relax. After all, there are several choices of activities, including - but not necessarily - work, that you can enjoy during such times, instead of being upset and thinking you are just losing time.