Professional Development

10 - Business or Essential daily planner
It is not advisable to have a daily planner for the sole purpose of noting down visits or meetings. It is useful, but it is not time management. Time is a global resource, whose use must also be globally defined: "what are all the things that we need to do?", "how can we use all our time to do it?" This leads to other questions: a business daily planner or an essential daily planner? It all depends on our personality and on the daily planner management model we chose to adopt. We may or may not plan how we will spend our personal time, or we may plan it fully or partially. In any case, we suggest you plan the actual, rather than the theoretical, business daily planner. You are deceiving yourself when you say that what you do with your extra hours is your own business. You must plan your personal activities that condition your business activities, otherwise you are jeopardizing one or both kinds of activities.