Professional Development

15 - Plan Free Time
Plan for idle hours and periods of time when you are free to deal with potential unexpected matters. In management positions, the more and the greater the responsibility, the more need there is to set aside time to think. In an environment that usually demands of us more time than we actually have, the only way to do this is to plan in advance, define the adequate timing and fully respect and have it respected. One of the characterisitics of a manager┤s work is activity fragmentation. We have already mentioned a few rules to deal with fragmentation, but the periods of time you planned usually turn out to be shorter than necessary, and the worse thing you can do is to extend time in an unmanageable manner. The proactive way to deal with the problem consists of planning strategic periods of time in your daily planner for no activity at all. The critical issue in this case is that you will have to use your maximum effort to resist the temptation to use this time to schedule other activities. You will have to face the usual pressures, but only fill in this time with an activity if the matter is truly urgent, significant and uncontrollable in any other way.