Professional Development

11 - Parameters for personal productivity
This slide shows a graphic representation of the issues we have already touched upon earlier. In other words, we are talking about IA, or acting intelligence, and, at the end of our acting, we will observe the mutual influence of both our general and emotional intelligence (IG and IE). Our general intelligence consists basically of general knowledge and IQ. However, the emotional intelligence directed at intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships involves the combination of knowledge and reality. Emotional intelligence lies in the development of our skills and within the scope of self-motivation or motivation per se. It is worthwhile to examine the formula IA = IG mutually influenced by IE, to realize it is not a mathematical formula, but rather the representation of the graphic expression of a complex concept, in order to finally opt for an intelligent acting, which will be defined as a sign by emotional intelligence. There is no doubt that the factor which will most importantly influence our accomplishment is precisely emotional intelligence.