Professional Development

12 - Graphic summary of key abilities
Respecting and at the same time being thankful to Daniel Goleman for his contributions in this area, we turn out attention now to what he calls the five key parameters of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, motivation/self-motivation, empathy and social skills. If we analyze this individually - Director, Department Head or waiter, each within their own context - each position has a certain professiographic grade, that is, the desirable characteristics, in terms of competencies, of the person who holds the position: this is the solid line. Thus, the slide shows a position that is identified according to what is marked by the pentagon of the solid line.If these same parameters are evaluated in the candidate to perform a certain function, the scenario will change to the pentagon of the dotted line, and we can observe that one of the possible mistakes here would be to offer that function to this person. But why? Because the person reveals emotional intelligence gaps in four of the five aspects. This person has fewer competencies than required in terms of self-motivation and emotional targets; the same goes for self-awareness and social skills. This person only exceeds the required characteristics when it comes to empathy, on account of which he will demonstrate great empathy skills as well as skills regarding understanding others. As regards himself, he will have very little self-motivation skills, he will not know how to act with respect to the emotions of others, he will not understand why certain situations around him make him angry, bother him, please him or excite him, and it will be particularly hard for him to handle relationships with people who surround him.