Professional Development

9 - Some reflections II
The emotional quotient, or EQ, which is the emotional intelligence equivalent to the intellectual - or cognitive - quotient (IQ) for general intelligence, increases or decreases IQ productivity, both individually and collectively. From the IQ point of view, our intelligence is the same whether we are having a good day or a bad day, but without any doubt, our behavior is totally different. We tend to be much more efficient under situations of tranquility, eagerness or special self-motivation than when we are apathetic, angry, sad or we are simply in situation that we don't like.Our brain oscillates between two impulses: the emotional impulse, which is the immediate primitive reaction, and the rational impulse, which is the appropriate reaction. But each individual will have to decide what he or she considers correct. We will define "correct" as that which makes us behave intelligently; that is, a behavior that is capable of effectively and efficiently solving the problems we are faced with.