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09 April 2008
Use of alefacept for the treatment of psoriasis in Canada
11 March 2008
Long-term intermittent maintenance use of topical tacrolimus in pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis
10 February 2008
Relationship between anger and pruritus in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria and psoriasis
09 February 2008
PSOLAR: a multicenter, open registry of psoriasis patients who are candidates for systemic therapy including biologics
30 January 2008
Exploring the causal heterogeneity of cutaneous melanoma
29 January 2008
Increased nuclear beta-catenin in psoriatic epidermis
28 January 2008
Positive results reported from phase IIa clinical trial of PEP-005 for actinic keratosis
25 January 2008
A crossover trial of ass's milk versus goat's milk in pediatric atopic dermatitis
12 January 2008
Application of mineral oil prior to phototherapy enhances efficacy in childhood psoriasis
10 January 2008
Prevention and treatment of infliximab-related infusion reactions
09 January 2008
Relationship of C-reactive protein with disease severity and body mass index in pediatric psoriasis patients
09 January 2008
Efficacy of a nonmigrating antimicrobial added to a special silk fabric in atopic dermatitis patients
26 October 2007
Increasing frequency of allergic contact dermatitis to isoeugenol
25 October 2007
Thymus and activation-regulated chemokines in pediatric atopic dermatitis
25 October 2007
How the skin reacts to environmental factors: A review
24 October 2007
Psoriasis risk in women: Role of obesity, waist circumference and weight change
23 October 2007
Quality of life in atopic dermatitis patients and their partners
23 October 2007
Post-transcriptional regulation of melanin biosynthesis
22 October 2007
Topical tacrolimus treatment for chronic external otitis
22 October 2007
Novel technique for evaluating skin irritation caused by topical medication