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08 May 2010
Clinical features and treatment outcomes of vitiligo from the patients’ perspective
05 May 2010
Position paper on diagnosis and treatment of atopic dermatitis
30 April 2010
Therapy for psoriasis in patients with HIV infection
29 April 2010
Platelet-derived growth factor beta as a tool in the diagnosis of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans
28 April 2010
5-methoxypsoralen and UVA versus medium dose UVA1 in the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis
27 April 2010
Effect of smoking and alcohol consumption on prevalence of hand eczema: A cross-sectional population-based study
26 April 2010
Topical sodium cromoglicate relieves allergen- and histamine-induced pruritus
23 April 2010
Epidemiology and comorbidity of pediatric psoriasis
22 April 2010
Topical diclofenac in hyaluronic acid gel for actinic keratosis
21 April 2010
Twice-weekly treatment with tacrolimus in pediatric atopic dermatitis: Efficacy and economic impact over 1 year
20 April 2010
Prednisolone versus ciclosporin for severe adult eczema: A controlled multicenter study
19 April 2010
Twice-weekly treatment with topical tacrolimus in patients with moderate-severe atopic dermatitis: a post hoc analysis of two trials
16 April 2010
Repetitive pimecrolimus use in recurrent seborrheic dermatitis
15 April 2010
Latanoprost in the treatment of eyelash alopecia areata
14 April 2010
ADAM 10 is upregulated in melanoma metastases compared with primary melanomas
13 April 2010
The milieu of regulatory elements in the epidermal differentiation complex: implications for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis
12 April 2010
Vaccinia virus-specific molecular signature in atopic dermatitis skin
08 April 2010
Kinase-dead BRAF and oncogenic RAS cooperate to drive tumor progression through CRAF
06 April 2010
A 10-year follow-up of atopic dermatitis patients treated with topical tacrolimus
06 April 2010
Natural killer cells in atopic and autoimmune skin diseases