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19 November 2010
Epidemiology and clinical factors of childhood and adult onset psoriasis
18 November 2010
Similar outcomes with ipilimumab regardless of HLA status in retrospective analysis of patients with advanced melanoma
17 November 2010
Efficacy of tandospirone, a 5HT1c agonist, in atopic dermatitis
16 November 2010
Gene expression profiling in psoriatic hair follicles: Clobetasol shampoo normalizes psoriasis disease markers
15 November 2010
Fluconazole and flutrimazole creams show similar efficacy in the treatment of superficial mycosis
12 November 2010
Increased expression of MAP2 decreases melanoma cell proliferation, invasion and tumor growth
11 November 2010
Goeckerman therapy effective for pediatric psoriasis: A 21-year retrospective review
10 November 2010
Analysis of pattern recognition receptors in normal and inflamed human epidermis
09 November 2010
Detection of melanoma-associated antigens for molecular staging: Results of a 5-year study
08 November 2010
Effective narrowband UVB therapy suppresses the IL-23/IL-17 axis in normalized psoriatic plaques
05 November 2010
Phototherapy may lead to normalization of cyclin D1 and p16 in psoriasis
04 November 2010
Nestin, SOX9 and SOX10 transcription factors are coexpressed in melanoma
03 November 2010
Application of a filtration and isolating technique for detection of circulating melanoma tumor cells
02 November 2010
Activation of the MAPK pathway in malignant melanoma can be independent of BRAF T1799A mutation
29 October 2010
Platelet P-selectin reflects cutaneous inflammation: Possible utility to monitor treatment response in psoriasis
28 October 2010
Methylthioadenosine phosphorylase is predictive for response to interferon in malignant melanoma
27 October 2010
Expression of human leukocyte antigen-G targets affected skin of psoriasis patients
26 October 2010
Evolution of nevi during treatment with natalizumab
25 October 2010
Meta-analysis shows tamoxifen associated with increased response to chemotherapy for advanced melanoma
22 October 2010
Excimer laser versus topical clobetasol in the prurigo form of atopic dermatitis