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09 December 2008
Positive phase II results with methyl aminolevulinate for acne
09 October 2008
Safety and efficacy of topical tacrolimus and pimecrolimus in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in patients previously treated with corticosteroids
30 September 2008
Changes in the prevalence of pediatric atopic dermatitis from 1986-2001 in urban Copenhagen
29 September 2008
Tacrolimus and transformation growth factor beta act synergistically on Langerhans cell transformation
26 September 2008
CD40 expression and correlation with disease severity in atopic dermatitis
25 September 2008
Meta-analysis of systemic treatments for psoriasis
23 September 2008
Prognostic value of molecular and biochemical tests in stage III melanoma patients
23 September 2008
Clobetasone foam: A review of open-label and controlled trials in adult and pediatric dermatoses
22 September 2008
Managing itch-associated burns: A review
19 September 2008
Infliximab improves health-related quality of life in psoriasis patients with comorbidities
18 September 2008
Characterization of inflamed and colonized skin in atopic dermatitis
17 September 2008
A randomized, double-blind, controlled study of a calcipotriene and betamethasone combination versus the individual components in scalp psoriasis
16 September 2008
Support groups improve pruritus and quality of life in pediatric atopic dermatitis patients and their families
16 September 2008
Naltrexone for the management of post-burn pruritus
15 September 2008
Atopic dermatitis updates from the Summer American Academy of Dermatology Meeting, Chicago 2008
09 September 2008
Patient-reported outcomes from a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial of MASO63DP in mild to moderate adult atopic dermatitis
09 August 2008
Patient-reported outcomes in etanercept-treated psoriasis patients
09 April 2008
Use of alefacept for the treatment of psoriasis in Canada
09 February 2008
PSOLAR: a multicenter, open registry of psoriasis patients who are candidates for systemic therapy including biologics
09 January 2008
Relationship of C-reactive protein with disease severity and body mass index in pediatric psoriasis patients