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01 December 2009
Significance of global dermoscopic patterns in melanocytic lesions examined
01 May 2009
Pediatricians should prescribe more topical retinoids for the management of acne vulgaris
01 April 2009
Staphylococcus aureus suppression with sodium hypochlorite baths and intranasal mupirocin decreases atopic dermatitis severity
30 January 2009
c-Ski and SnoN are associated with unfavorable clinicopathological parameters in primary cutaneous melanoma
29 January 2009
CLA+ T-cell subsets correlated with disease severity in acute psoriasis
28 January 2009
Hemolytic anemia not seen in G6PD-deficient acne patients treated with dapsone gel, 5%
27 January 2009
Intravenous immunoglobulin lowers IgG antidesmoglein 1 and antidesmoglein 3 antibodies in pemphigus vulgaris
26 January 2009
Incremental build-up food challenge devised to identify foods evoking chronic urticaria
23 January 2009
Prospective study finds no link between isotretinoin and depression risk
22 January 2009
Repigmentation of vitiligo seen with tacrolimus 0.1% cream
21 January 2009
Leptin may link psoriasis to the metabolic syndrome
20 January 2009
Indigo naturalis is safe and effective in plaque-type psoriasis
19 January 2009
Calcipotriol plus betamethasone in combination shown to be safe and effective in patients with scalp psoriasis
16 January 2009
Vitreoscilla filiformis lysate is effective in atopic dermatitis
15 January 2009
New data on correlation between psoriasis and dyslipidemia
14 January 2009
Patients with psoriasis show an increased risk of incidence diabetes
13 January 2009
Wet-wrap fluticasone, tacrolimus treatment tested in atopic dermatitis model
09 January 2009
A randomized controlled trial of a calcipotriol/betamethasone formulation in scalp psoriasis: Effects on quality of life
07 January 2009
Proactive treatment with 0.03% tacrolimus is safe and effective in children with atopic dermatitis
02 January 2009
2% sunflower oil oleodistillate plus corticosteroid is effective in children with atopic dermatitis