Professional Development

4 - The red hat
The brain found beneath the red hat, the emotions and feelings hat, is just the opposite of the white hat. It works on the basis of premonitions, preconceived ideas and impressions, and reflects intuitions, dreams and fears. It doesnít need reasons or foundations because once reasons and foundations appear, then it turns into the white hat. The red hat is the brain that handles points of views based on abstractions. It can provoke discussions or debates around the absurd, explain how I feel about an issue, not what the issue is about, and reveals fears and passions. Its expressions could include: ďdonít ask me why, I just donít like this matter, my instinct tells me this is a dead-end discussion, I donít deserve to be treated like this, Iím sick of this situation.Ē The red hat works in terms of: just say what you feel.