Professional Development

6 - The yellow hat
The yellow, or speculative-positive, hat, which we could also call the logical-positive hat as we said earlier, is the opposite of the black hat. For the brain wearing a yellow hat, everything is rays of sunshine and optimism. It only sees the benefits, the results, the positive aspects of different issues, and it thinks constructively, in a way that is the total opposite of the black hat. The black hat protects us from errors, risks and the dangers of the yellow hats blind optimism. A good way to identify the yellow hat is to remember that most of us wear the yellow hat when we are presenting an idea of our own. The yellow hat has to remember that it must pay attention to the point at which optimism becomes stupidity and consider how to help the yellow hat move from hope to logic. Typical yellow hat expressions include: Do you see the advantages of doing things like this instead of the way we do them now? Look, we should convince him, it will be fantastic, well, a third will be enough, we can do it. The yellow hat moves in a proactive context: to make things happen.