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31 December 2008
Cefuroxime is superior to penicillin in children with perianal dermatitis
30 December 2008
TNF polymorphisms may affect response to anti-TNF agents and acitretin in psoriasis
29 December 2008
French researchers develop a novel tool for assessing quality of life in psoriasis
24 December 2008
CT-327, a novel topical treatment for psoriasis
23 December 2008
Researchers suggest a potential genetic basis for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
22 December 2008
Study finds clinical predictors of psoriatic arthritis in patients with psoriasis
19 December 2008
Calcineurin inhibition can guide dosing of voclosporin in plaque psoriasis patients
18 December 2008
Individuals with atopic dermatitis show an autonomic disbalance
17 December 2008
SUN13834 in a mouse model for atopic dermatitis
16 December 2008
Better response to cyclosporine therapy in psoriasis patients with weight loss
15 December 2008
Study finds benefit of continued alefacept-methotrexate treatment in psoriatic arthritis
12 December 2008
High osteopontin levels increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriasis
12 November 2008
Sequential applications of tacrolimus and corticosteroids are effective in pediatric atopic dermatitis
12 November 2008
Efficacy of emollients in pediatric atopic dermatitis
12 October 2008
Increased serum APRIL levels in patients with atopic dermatitis
12 September 2008
Frequency of autoreactive IgE antibodies in atopic dermatitis
12 May 2008
Validation of a parent-administered Atopic Dermatitis Quickscore: A pilot study
12 April 2008
High expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 detected in psoriasis
12 January 2008
Application of mineral oil prior to phototherapy enhances efficacy in childhood psoriasis