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03 December 2009
Patients with atopic dermatitis show neuronal sensitization to itch in nonlesional atopic skin
03 December 2009
Efficacy of systemic therapies for moderate-severe plaque psoriasis: Systematic review and meta-analysis
03 September 2009
An inception cohort study of methotrexate in scleroderma: Efficacy, side effects and remission outcomes
03 August 2009
Efficacy and safety profile of ustekinumab in psoriasis patients: Results from two controlled trials
03 July 2009
Treatment of severe scalp psoriasis: Treatment options from the National Psoriasis Foundation Task Force
03 June 2009
Regulatory T-cell frequency and responsiveness correlate with melanoma progression
31 March 2009
Two potential new biomarkers for atopic dermatitis found in humans
30 March 2009
Aggravation of atopic dermatitis lesions found with titanium dioxide nanoparticles in mice
27 March 2009
Atopy patch testing found to be not justified in the assessment of food allergy in infants
26 March 2009
Tacrolimus and ceramide-dominant emollient show similar effects in atopic dermatitis
25 March 2009
Use of pimecrolimus cream 1% plus topical corticosteroids is safe in atopic dermatitis
24 March 2009
Increased BSA correlates with increased impact on quality of life in psoriasis
24 March 2009
Topical INCB-018424 displays safety and efficacy in patients with psoriasis
23 March 2009
Childhood atopic dermatitis has a negative impact on patient course of life
20 March 2009
Perforin granule release appears to have a functional role in atopic dermatitis
19 March 2009
Educational program improves the quality of life in families of children with atopic dermatitis
18 March 2009
Induction of connexin 26 and 30 may be used as a marker for malignant melanoma
17 March 2009
Filaggrin mutations are not associated with atopic dermatitis in Chinese children
16 March 2009
Wet-wrap treatment increases Staphylococcus aureus clearance in severe atopic dermatitis
13 March 2009
Bedding dust from atopic dermatitis patients contains high levels of human TLR4 ligands