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Breaking News
28 November 2011
Abnormal metabolic indices found in patients with psoriasis
24 November 2011
Management guideline published for atopic dermatitis in children
23 November 2011
Topical tacrolimus in the treatment of lichen sclerosus with genital and extragenital involvement
22 November 2011
Topical urea, lactic acid and propylene glycol formulation improves symptoms of scalp seborrheic dermatitis
21 November 2011
Imiquimod has a favorable clinical profile for treating superficial basal cell carcinoma
18 November 2011
Study identifies most frequent allergens of 26 fragrance ingredients in the EU Cosmetics Directive
17 November 2011
Low prevalence of pediatric psoriasis in a Southern Californian cohort
16 November 2011
HLA-G gene is associated with nonsegmental vitiligo in the Korean population
15 November 2011
Propranolol decreases the volume, color and elevation of infantile hemangiomas
14 November 2011
Pseudoceramide lipid mixture shows beneficial effects as a vehicle for topical steroids
11 November 2011
QualiPso questionnaire found to be valid to assess HRQoL in patients with psoriasis
10 November 2011
Teledermatology consultations by GPs may help in referral process
09 November 2011
Population-based study indicates high societal burden for chronic pruritus
08 November 2011
Expert consensus determines essential clinical components for grading acne severity
07 November 2011
Incidence of Merkel cell carcinoma has tripled: A review of epidemiology and clinical management
04 November 2011
Clinical features described for atopic dermatitis in a hospital setting in China
03 November 2011
British Association of Dermatology compiles new guidelines for azathioprine in inflammatory dermatoses
02 November 2011
High prevalence of mental disorders and emotional distress associated with chronic spontaneous urticaria
01 November 2011
Study of pemphigus vegetans finds no correlation between clinical findings and prognostic outcome
27 October 2011
LCE3C_LCE3B gene deletion associated with psoriasis in northern Chinese patients